Dave Rumson – Slitting Educator/Consultant

Thank you for visiting.  I hope the knowledge and information I have collected over the last 26 years working in the Converting Industry will be of benefit to you and your company. 2014 marks my 23rd year as a presenter and contributor to CEMA (Converting Equipment Manufacturers Association; cema-converting.org) and AIMCAL (Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators; aimcal.org). These two organizations have helped thousands of Converting Industry personnel improve their production processes.

The basics of rotary knife slitting will never change, and the need to educate personnel about these basics will always be there. I have a series of Slitting Seminars that I believe will be of value to operators and process engineers involved with paper, film, foil, plastics, nonwovens, and other flexible web production.  My seminars present theoretical slitting principles with practical application information to improve finished roll production.

My experience includes working with roll/shaft handling equipment, unwinders and rewinders, manual and automatic positioning slitter systems and electronic knife holders. I invite you to peruse my background, seminar details and syllabi. Feel free to comment and if interested in pricing details for my seminars or consultation services please call or e-mail  drumson@maine.rr.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Rumson – 860-256-5658

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