Lab Slitting Trials


AVAILABLE TESTING METHODS                                                                                     Razor, Crush and Shear   

WHAT TESTS CAN BE CONDUCTED                                                                           Razor with tangential and/or wrapped web.                                                                 Crush with tangential and/or wrapped web.                                                             Crush with various radii and support angles.                                                 Minimum Crush force determination.                                                                             Shear with tangential and/or wrapped web.                                                           Shear with various blade bevels; single, double, double hollow bevel.        Shear with various blade shearing angles; ¼°, ½° and ¾°, if necessary.               Any of these test for comparison to each other.                                                        Any tests for comparison to your Design Intended or current production standards.

ANALYSIS AND WRITTEN REPORT                                                                                 All sample cut edges are examined under a  microscope and photographed. A report is developed based upon your objectives for the slitting trials. These results are organized and prepared in both PDF and Power Point versions for your quick presentation as needed. Reports are normally provided within seven days of testing.

TEST MATERIAL NEEDED – Sheet or Rolls                                                                      

Testing is conducted on small material samples or roll goods. Only two or three 8” x 10” samples are usually needed to obtain substantive slitting data. This greatly reduces the cost to evaluate different slitting methods, angles, shapes or force levels for your flexible web material. 

Note: Running web slitting tests are also available, but in limited roll size; 10” dia. x 10” width. Pricing may vary depending on testing scope also.

Note: Your test materials do not leave my control and are all returned with test definition labels attached.

WHERE SLITTING TESTS ARE CONDUCTED                                                       Razor, Crush and Shear slitting tests are conducted anonymously in controlled Lab conditions at a prominent slitting company. The slitting company will not know who you or your companies are without permission.

LAB SLITTING TESTS COSTS                                                                                                My pricing covers local travel and consulting time based on your objectives. Lab use costs may apply and can vary depending on scope of testing. Sample mailing costs separate. Please contact me at for typical report data and further information.  

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