Seminar Program


DR Slitting Seminars offer both practical and theoretical approaches to slitting education – with the emphasis on practical. These comprehensive slitting seminars provide attendees, as a group,  a mutual understanding of a broad range of slitting issues that will help facilitate consistent finished roll quality.  Knife set-up guidelines can be established and/or reinforced to achieve and maintain an improved slitting operation. Operators will be driven to the same page, as they learn the effects of marginal and excessive settings and consequentially will be less likely to exceed beneficial guidelines. Knife and holder care will improve. Troubleshooting procedures and preventative measures will be discussed. Experiences and questions are encouraged for a more productive and engaging educational experience. I am open to special program requests and/or needs.

Prior to a scheduled slitting theory seminar, I highly recommend that I be given time to observe your slitting operation. This will allow me to customize the seminar with details of your specific slitting process which will help to reinforce the effects of positive and/or negative procedures. I remain flexible relative to multiple shift schedules and will accommodate to provide full coverage for all slitting, maintenance and engineering personnel. If your company has  multiple divisions, I welcome their personnel as well.

There is no limit to the number of attendees. Class books are provided at a nominal charge. Presentation seminar hours noted below are approximate.

Shear Slitting Theory Seminar: 4 hours

Crush Cutting Theory Seminar: 3 hours

Razor Slitting Theory Seminar: 1.5 hours for pricing information.

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